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We are a company that offers you an integrative Styrofoam service (EPS).

Dedicated to the EPS design and manufacture for several markets, such as: construction, packaging, decoration, insulations, industrial matters, etc.

Also, we commercialize different products as cardboard, EPP, Polyfoam, EPE among others.

We are a compromised business to the environment; we recycle all our materials and collect from other companies.

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Where did everything started?...

Aisla Pak was born because it was major necessity in the packaging industry. Having this in mind; our creativity, constant innovation in design and previous experience in 1989 started as "PEIRSA, Productos y Empaques Industriales Rojas, SA de CV"

Because of our good service and products quality; the company had to expand in two new enterprises; one of them for the EPS maket: AISLA PAK

In 1998 it started as AISLA PAK, managing all the EPS products. After the year 2000 evolves, not to only commercialize but to transfor the material.

misiónOur Mission

Our mission is to satisfy our costumers needs in any EPS Market. Through the manufacturing and commerce our materials.

To satisfy the needs of packing, construction, isolation and decoration.

visiónOur Vision

Our vision is to be a recognized company in the EPS industry for his quality and service.

Oriented to the continuous improvement of its processes; organizational climate, compromised to the environment and to be strong source of employment to many Mexican families.

Those are the markets that we work for!

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calidad Quality Policy

We work with a culture governed by our quality management system, which we continuously improve by reaching the planned objectives, focused on meeting and exceeding the expectations of the interested parts.

ambiental Environmental Policy

Be a company recognized by the compromised for the environment in the EPS industry. Looking for new strategies for the optimal quality, quantity, cost and service.

Orientated to the continuos improvement in its processes, optimal technology uses and work in the people awareness in our process and the scrap generation.