What is EPS and what are its advantages?

The polystyrene Expanded (EPS, by English acronym) is a plastic material with plastic fluffy texture is it used in diverse areas like in construction sector, where is mainly used as thermal insolation. Also, we could find it in the container and packaging field for different activity sectors. This material belongs to the family of thermoplastics like the polystyrene or the methacrylate. It is rigid, white and fluffy and foamed. Approximately a 98% from the volumen of this material is air and only a 2% is solid material.

Is a material inert and innocuous that it doesn’t attack to the environment or people health and it doesn’t have nutritional value for fungus, bacteria or others living organism, so it does not facilitate its apparition.


The use of EPS like a thermal isolation in the construction it allows you an important save in energy in the air conditioning on buildings. Presents therefore other advantages in these utilities are for example:


  •  Material extraordinary light weight and resistant.
  •  Cushion on impact.
  •  Properly behavior against water and resistant to the steam diffusion.
  •  Resists the passage of time.
  •  It provides chemical and mechanical resistance.
  •  Totally hygiene: doesn’t get moldy or rot.
  •  Easy to manipulate and to install.


The qualities from EPS, much in his gamma from benefits with the right format in the right presentation, it could be converted into material with wildly possibilities from appliance inside into the edification. The applications in this area are centered fundamental in:


  • Solutions constructive for the thermal insulation from the different waxing.
  • Solutions from the lightening and comfort of diversity structure from the edification.
  • Applications like molds from formwork and expansion joints.
  • Material lightening and structure shaper.

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